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Medium Pressure Seal Designs: The TCV, TCN, PPS, and PTS radial shaft seals

High Pressure Radial Shaft Seals from Simrit

tempreature, shaft speed, pressure of pressure seal

Premium pressure seals from Simrit offer one-piece construction, small load rise as a function

A superior seal for high pressure applications

Seal life is highly dependent on three key related variables:


2.Shaft speed


As pressure increases the seal life dramatically decreases due to atypical seal wear that is caused by an increased of friction in the system.

Simrit¡¯s standard line of TCV, BABSL, and TCN radial shaft seals have a proven record of durability and longevity in a variety of medium pressure applications.

Simrit is also the industry leader with feld proven,specialty designed high pressure seals.

Simrits Advanced Design for a Better Sealing Lip

high pressure sealing lip design

As system pressure increases, the elastomeric fex section of the seal deforms which results in excessive seal to shaft contact. The enlarged contact band width increases friction, heatb generation, and wear.

TCV,TCN,PPS,PTS,Medium pressure seal

Simrit¡¯s medium and high pressure radial shaft seals are designed to prevent this deformation via a combination of a shorter fex section, fex section support features, reinforced metal cases, defned lip geometries, and proprietary wear resistant materials. Our advanced

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